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By signing this agreement, I agree to the terms and conditions set forth below.

Remote Access

You may want us to access your system remotely. If you provide us the access to your system, you do so at your own risk. Company will not be responsible for any loss. There can be data loss and theft because of sharing your system remotely. By agreeing to this take full responsibility of this loss, Abacus Desk or any of its employees could not be held responsible for the following types of data loss.

  • Deletion of applications by accident.
  • Deletion of Important files by accident.
  • Installation of any malicious software to your device by accident.
  • Any Operating system or application crash because of remote access.
  • Theft of data because of unsecure nature of remote access.
  • Any issues other than above mentioned losses.



This agreement shall become effective on the date the service application is entered into Abacus Desk’s system. Abacus Desk, as its sole discretion, may terminate this Agreement immediately or suspend your access to the servers upon any breach of this Agreement by

Abacus Desk may refuse to render service, or disconnect the existing service when the customer defaults in the payment of any invoice or part thereof by the due date shown on the invoice. Abacus Desk reserves all rights to with hold the transfer of any domain due to outstanding fees.