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How do you plan to survive and thrive today’s cutthroat competition?

Running your business like a family, giving each team member, from distributors to dealers, retailers to customers personalized attention will eastablish an indispensable competitive advantage.

When you treat your business partners like your family, and not just a number in your Excel spreadsheet, a magic happens. You suddenly have something your competitors don’t – unprecedented loyalty.

Thrive, not just survive. With business loyalty delivered via Basiq Suite Cloud.

BasiqERP is not just another business operations software. It’s designed from ground up to manage your business like a family, break down silos and brings everyone under one umbrella.

  • Channel partners provide the best business advice.

  • BasiqERP helps us stay connected to our partners 24x7.

  • Track employees, process orders and resolve issues quickly.

  • No email, no calls, no WhatsApp, just pure business.

    Manas Pradhan, BCH India

  • No email, no calls, no WhatsApp, just pure business.

  • Basiq is simply the most cost efficient ERP in the market.

Be a family, not a business. Be customer obsessed, not competition obsessed.

In this age of automation and artificial intelligence, being customer obsessed is the only thing that will separate you from the others. Everything falls into place when you take care of the human side.