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cardchoiceCardChoice International: CardChoice International have around 100 Sales agents working for them and they need to pay the agents commissions on a monthly basis. For this requirement, they needed a tool that would enable them to compute each agent’s residual income each month and Agent an agent can log in to see the earnings report. The tool was developed using C # using the .NET development platform. The database is MS SQL 2005. The Reporting tool is entirely web-based and is also integrated with the Internal MIS application of CCI used to pull all the agent information. Its fully automated solution with Admin just has to upload an Excel sheet (The main report from the Bank) and all the residuals of the agents are posted, Agents can log in and download the reports. Admin can manage the Calculation sets and the Report Columns as well as the agent’s profile. Further, this tool was integrated with a CRM solution to manage their customers.

metafab engineeringMetafab Engineering: Metafab Engineering is the number one manufacturer of workshop tools and equipment in India. They have customers all over the country and these customers require constant support. The management was looking for a cloud-based tool to help the clients easily log in the support issues online. The help desk system was developed from scratch for them. Where the dealers can log in and open a support request and the Service engineers responsible for that region are auto-notified. Separate modules built for Accounting, Warranty support, Service Engineer tracking and Reporting. The solution was developed using PHP My SQL and hosted on Linux server. The management is really happy with the solution and has reported a significant increase in customer satisfaction after they have moved to this new system.

Tirupati SugarsTirupati Sugars: Tirupati Sugars is one of the leading Sugar Producer in India, The management wanted to have a transparent online auctioning system for their Dealers to bid for the sugar lot. The auctioning system one of the first of its kind in Indian Sugar industry was conceptualized and developed right from scratch. The development platform used was a LAMP. The dealers had the option to login and bid for a lot of sugar available on both the quantity they need and the price desired. The auctioning system also had advanced features like IVR and SMS integration for the notifications and ease of auctioning via mobile.

VSAVishwanath Singh and Associates: VSA is a premier Accounting and consultancy firm based out of New Delhi. They were looking to have a cloud-based employee tracking application. The management wanted to have an online tool for tracking the employees daily working and reporting. Since the clients VSA is serving are based all around the country, They wanted a system using which the employees can log in and report their location and daily tasks. We created an application using PHP My SQL which gave the users an online login to log their starting time and location and work done on that date. The admin can download the reports of each employee, send notifications to each employee and even approve the vacations.

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