PPC advertising


What is SEM?

SEM is search engine marketing through Google ad-words platform. It means to make your website visible on the top of google, yahoo, and bing.

SEM/Paid Advertising from Abacus Desk is a quick and reliable way to generate traffic to your website. Our advertising campaigns are reliable and targeted to deliver results within a reasonable period. We are well equipped to handle paid advertising campaigns of any size.

Our track record speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our PPC (pay per click) advertising services. We are focused on improving the volume of your business through carefully planned and executed advertisements. Our services are specialized to deliver the highest website hits both in terms of numbers and relevance.

We offer our services for paid advertising/SEM on major networks such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others. We offer a host of other effective online advertising resources such as advertisement through Search Engine Optimization, Banner Ad, Display Ad and Link advertisement on major networks based on impressions and Press Releases to promote the major achievements and announcements of your company among your targeted customers.

Key Strategies :

  • Keyword research relevant to your business to get quality traffic.
  • Start a monthly campaign on search network or display network, according to requirement.
  • Using expert techniques in sem to get you on top while spending a low amount.
  • We can also target your display ad on a particular website like e-commerce, health and other big sites.
  • We also focus on the mobile platform to make your ad visible on various games.
  • We do niche targeting to provide you with the best results by selection network, operating system, area, radius and all.


We keep ourselves current with the latest development in techniques and technology in the field of paid advertising. Mobile advertising is another area where we have delivered stunning results for our customers. We offer robust solutions in mobile ad displays to help your brand surge ahead in your market segment. We also deal with Bulk SMS gateway API.

Abacus Desk can be relied upon for delivering top quality client support and services when it comes to paid advertising/sem.

Email marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns

If you want your business to be on the fast track then email marketing campaign can be the ideal marketing tool. It is largely misunderstood that email campaigns are only for large business houses and not for small or startup ventures. However, such campaigns can benefit small businesses as effectively as they do for a large corporate. Abacus Desk email marketing campaigns are focused on the ‘Call to action’ through pioneering ideas and relevant content.

Email marketing campaign is perhaps the most cost effective way of marketing than other options such as telemarketing, print advertising, banner, ads and others. Another advantage is the quick response cycle. Direct mail advertising response can be seen only after six to eight weeks but with email campaign the response can be in as little as 48 hours. Also, the wide reach of an email marketing campaign makes it the best tool to use to reach a wider audience in the shortest possible time.

Abacus email campaigns are easily manageable and are strategist to open up a whole new client base.

If you are using an email marketing directory, you must be sure of your lead sources. Be sure to choose opt-in leads and ensure that references are in order before you send out emails. You must not irritate people with spam. It is equally important to personalize the advertisement for your targeted audience to get desired results. Professional email campaign managers can help you start your marketing campaign by taking care of the hurdles and chalking out an effective strategy for your type of business.

Abacus understands that it is important to be utterly honest with your content. They never try to mislead your audience into clicking on your mail with sensational titles. The body and the headlines are always in synchronize to keep the audience interested. The marketing terms are clearly slept out. The offers are very specific about the terms and conditions. They do not resort to misleading through the ‘fine print’ strategy.

Your email list is the most important element of your email campaign. It is necessary to have a permission based email list rather than using a purchased list for your campaign to be effective.

Abacus Desk email marketing campaigns are professional and completely focused on your long term objectives. They never resort to flashy and loud texts which can put off most people. Their content is guaranteed to be error free and to the point. It is designed to create an acute awareness of your products and services. When used effectively, the Abacus email marketing campaign can bring in a rapid increase in the number of inquiries and can maximize the awareness potential.


Strengthen Your Online Reputation through Well Devised Strategies

Your business today is defined by the reputation you have on popular social media sites. Businesses build their reputation painstakingly but today it takes just one convincingly created negative post or feedback to send your reputation crashing. There are several instances of reputation of major companies and brands getting irreparably damaged because of the unscrupulous acts of competitors. Billions of dollars are lost by companies because of acts by mischief mongers and for reasons the companies are not even responsible, directly or indirectly.

Abacus Desk online reputation management helps you protect your online image and standing through a series of well executed moves. When you client or potential customers look for information about you online, they will not be greeted by rip-off reports and scam rumors. Abacus creates effective strategies to ensure that the negative posts get pushed off the front pages and to a location on the web where your customers are least likely to find them.

Online reputation management from Abacus Desk, the acclaimed industry experts, is a fair way of making sure that when prospects search for you, the results contain only positive reviews and testimonials about your products and services. The positive results are most likely to give you a better chance of attracting more customers and improved prospects for your products and services.

it is foolhardy to expect review portals to remove damaging content from their site even if they are nothing but lies and completely distorted facts. These sites are there precisely to publish such scandalous material to attract more eyeballs. Such sites are optimized to show up these reviews when a user tries to find information. However, it is possible to beat them at their own game through Abacus Desk’s creative online reputation management strategies.

The best online reputation management strategies include creating pages that look as natural as possible. Extreme care has to be taken to make sure that it does not look too positive and promotional. It must not look manipulated in any way. Neutral, third party information is the best way to make your online reputation management look natural and real.

Abacus Desk believes that press releases are a good way to get the attention of the media and get them to publish reports about your company. You can even put up your own press release on the web that outlines new achievements or announces something positive about your organization. When press release appears in search engine results, they appear to more natural which boosts the confidence of your potential customers.

Business listings are another way of ensuring that your business gets projected favorably on popular search engines. There are free as well as paid listing options available. They get featured on Google or other popular search engines along with a description of your business offerings and achievements. It gives a natural feel to the search results.

There are many such options available to enhance your online reputation. Abacus Desk online reputation management strategies involve a multi-pronged approach. They have experienced professionals to take care of the specific needs of your business.

Social media


Using Popular Portals to Create a Larger Presence

More and more companies are using the power of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and others to reach out to a wider audience. Social media is a term used to describe portals that lets people interact through messages and frequent updates. Such sites allow sharing of updates, photographs, information about events and a host of other activities. Abacus Desk offers affordable social media optimization plans that can help you get noticed easily.

Social media marketing is the process of attracting eyeballs through such social media sites by engaging with online communities to generate greater coverage, opportunities and of course sales. Abacus Desk can develop creative and hugely potential marketing opportunities that can open up incredible marketing possibilities and create an exposure that is simply way beyond the reach of conventional marketing methods.

The most important benefits of using Abacus Desk social media marketing for your business include:

  • Generating greater exposure for your business.
  • Increased traffic that is relevant to your type of business.
  • Potential for new business associations.
  • A marked improvement in search engine rankings.
  • Generation of qualified leads.
  • Cutting down of overall marketing expenses considerably.
  • Helps close business deals more effectively than other established conventional methods.


Recent research shows that sites such as Twitter and Facebook are the absolute favorites of top companies looking at online marketing resources to reveal their presence to a wider audience. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs are without doubt the top four social media tools used by online marketers. YouTube, Forums and sites such as Digg, Reddit and Mixx are also popular among some business sections.

Are you on FB is a common a question now at social gatherings. If you are not, you are considered an outcast, primitive no-goober. One of the biggest benefits that popular online media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide the business community is the ability to get repeated and consistent exposure with your clients and prospects. With Abacus Desk SMO plans it is easy to announce events, special offerings, sales and other interesting details of your company through your Facebook page.

The plan can allow you to participate with peers, clients and potential customers. There are literally thousands of themed groups online. You can browse through their profile based on the relevance of those groups to your kind of business. You can of course start one of your own too if you want to get a better response. Remember, there are absolutely no costs involved and the potential visibility that it can get for your business could be incredible.

It is important not to be seen as pushing your business at every turn and occasion. Abacus Desk ensures a subtle presence by providing interesting and unique information at regular intervals

Social media marketing may look easy but is in fact a tough task that is best managed by experts. Abacus Desk with their expertise and depth of experience can help you leverage the best advantage from social media marketing for your business.

Targeting : All Social Media platforms share with the advertisers the likes and dislikes of their fans or followers. This gives advertiser a unique advantage to target their product and service to the Audience who needs it. Its one of the most important and tactical advantage of using Social Media Marketing.

COBRA : Its essentially encouraging the followers and fans to upload and share the brand picture and experience online. This gives brand more visibility and creates desirability of the product.

eWOm : Word of Mouth is one of the oldest marketing techniques and Social Media takes it to an all new level. When a Consumer shares his experience of a product with a positive review, its bound to create more sales. Online Recommendations are a powerful measure to create positive brand perception.


What is SEO?

Optimizing your website/web pages according to search engine algorithms, in order to rank higher in search engine organic listings.

Abacus Desk SEO team strategies can help your website get top rankings through a strategic plan of research, planning, and programming. We are specialists in optimizing your website ground up. Our SEO experts also ensure that the input is continually monitored and analyzed to get top placements on major search engines.

We will meet your team to discuss and understand your online business goals, gain information about competitors and to chalk out an SEO campaign that is customized for your business requirements. We are very proud of our ethical SEO practices. Our innovative SEO strategies will ensure that your website rankings will rank right at the top of SERPS for popular keywords and key phrases.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting up or not, our strategy is to see on the top anyhow? For which our team works with excellence, smart work, and techniques.

Key Strategies :

1. Visibility: It means to make you visible in your target market, i.e let the people know you exist in the market. Indexing is the process done to get you visible. Indexing is a process of capturing keywords, domain name, and links by the action of automated scripts known as Google bots, crawlers, spiders or robots etc.

2. Bringing Targeted traffic: Traffic is the people visited your website. But our Strategy is to bring targeted traffic i.r people who really interested in your product or services.

3. Engagement: Make your website looks so visual, which forced the user to spend quality time on your webpage. It covers content and designing which are two legs of SEO.

Apart from that our team push your website by going beyond the page called off-page SEO. In this we bought backlinks from high authority website, wrote articles for your website, webmaster tool, performing analytic’s etc to know where we are lacking and re-market your website accordingly.