Enterprise email


Abacus Desk mailing solutions offer you complete control over your company’s communications. With a dedicated server that works exclusively for an efficient webmail application, it is available in a user friendly form for easy acceptance among your employees.

We provide a host of easy and competent communication solution that is secure, scalable and quick to meet the fast-paced needs of business communications today. We take care of the administration, security and upgrades through our advanced software mounted on dedicated servers. The best thing about our mailing solutions is that you don’t need a technical staff to manage your communication system.

Our basic mailing solutions include spam protection for individual mails, ability to create the mails yourself using control panel, password changing features at your end, facility to create folders in the email id and drag-drop emails in the respective folders and also the facility to check emails using browser from any location or country.

We offer exclusive and superior support systems to our customers through telephone, emails, chats, Skype and a round the clock customer service support. Advanced mailing solutions are also available for companies with bulk communication needs. You will have full control of the server with a maintenance staff at hand round the clock to manage and troubleshoot all kinds of problems instantly.

We have corporate plans for bulk mails to be sent to a larger audience. Our corporate mailing solutions include multiple mailing, group and bulk mailing, mailing category wise, staff bulk mailing, customers and clients’ bulk mailing, news letter mailing business and corporate content bulk mailing and many such industry applications.

CPanel mailing from Abacus Desk for website owners simplifies tasks such as uploading and managing web pages, creating accounts, installation of applications such as blogs, forums and shopping carts and backing up data.

We have extensive experience in Hosted Exchange that focus on high quality support. We offer a highly reliable infrastructure in which all components are redundant so that services are available at peak efficiency.

Our Google apps mailing option allow you to use the email server for communication and collaboration. The advantages are a huge mail box size, anywhere access and less spam among others.

Domain management


We have affiliations with top ICANN Authorized registrars to provide you with both local and Global TLDs. Domain name is your online identity, It’s your brand image and its imperative that it should be chosen well. Corporations all over the world have been an option for.com domain as it became the face of internet culture, It stands for the word ‘Commercial’ and is pretty much the standard for all businesses. Certain Extensions are made for some business types such as. A net was primarily made for Networks and ISP’s while .Org is for organizations working in Non Government and social work sector. info, .mobi and .tv are the TLD’s suited for informational, Mobile and Television websites.

One of the most important criterion while registering a domain is that the contact details submitted to the registrar should be very accurate as the Domain Registrar would make communication using the email address provided. Also, any dispute on the domain ownership is resolved using the Identity proof of the domain.

Some SEO perspective should also be considered while choosing a domain name, If some of your key words can be part of the domain name as it might help to get the site index higher in the search engine. However, it should not hurt the brand image.

Cloud Hosting

Making cloud work for you

Abacus Desk offers a series of web hosting services depending on the specific hosting demands of our clients.

Cloud Hosting

Our dedicated cloud hosting services help clients build scalable cloud infrastructure using dedicated servers. We have our servers configured to allow our customers to set up and run their websites instantly.

Our customers can have complete and absolute control over their images and also the ability to add and control data and applications.

On deployment of the cloud web hosting servers they can have access to a number of flexible options such as Windows and Linux operating systems with various core allocations and RAM. On machine storage with our cloud servers are consistent.

Virtual Private Server

Our VPS services offer full root access to make your server deliver all your hosting requirements. Unlike other ordinary services, you will not experience any sluggishness in performance with our VPS services.

They are highly reliable and run uninterruptedly with high-quality support and superb network connection. If you are looking for flexibility, our VPS is just the one for you.

They offer upgrades that take effect instantaneously and without any hassles or technical jugglery. They are designed to perform on-the-fly and also when during weather heavy traffic surges.

Along with the impeccable performance of our Virtual Private Servers, we also offer affordable pricing. You won’t have to pay for services and features that you don’t need.

Dedicated Server Hosting

With our dedicated servers, you are free to make your Website as large as your growing business. We provide you with an entire web hosting resource that can help in faster loading as the entire resources are dedicated for your exclusive use.

If you are a company needing peak resources and higher data transfer rates, our dedicated servers are the perfect way to achieve your advanced hosting requirements.

We offer complete setup for application work and ease of use. Our experts offer managed backup on request with certain plans. The servers have no root or remote desktop access.

We can also provide network vulnerability scanners for improved performance. You can enjoy additional features such as managed load balancing and enterprise storage and database with our dedicated server web hosting services.



What’s an ERP?

Enterprise resource management or ERP is a suite of business applications to help you manage your business processes better and more efficiently.

An ERP Software Development system encompasses everything from inventory management to human resources to customer relationship management.

Having an ERP removes all the operational redundancies and centralize all the informational flow. This helps companies centralize all the business information in a shared database, which helps them make business decisions, faster and better.

An ERP Software Development system brings together siloed information from every corner of the business operations giving the decision makers the ability to monitor processes across the board.

This agility improves employee productivity and business efficiency. Combined with an equally capable CRM, an ERP is all you need for business management, operational efficiency, analysis, and reporting.

BasiqERP Cloud

Cloud technologies are having a disruptive impact on all aspects of business and everyday life. Cloud-based business infrastructure brings new levels of insights and innovation to the business.

Modern ERPs are no exception.

ERP applications have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the late 60s. The biggest transformation of all has been the migration of modern ERP infrastructure to the cloud.

Legacy ERP systems were not able to maintain their competence in today’s highly competitive agile world. What businesses needed was the business functionalities of legacy ERP systems combined with the innovation of cloud.

Introducing ERP on the cloud.

Cloud ERP solutions take away all the complexity of running an on-premise ERP Software Development system, thus reducing operational costs to a fraction and giving businesses the data-driven efficiency that comes with traditional ERPs.

BasiqERP is our take on how a cloud-based ERP should be.

BasiqERP is built from scratch for a cloud age. Every single module is designed to leverage the power of the cloud.

Most business infrastructure, including CRM, has already moved to the cloud, giving BasiqERP an unparalleled power by connecting to those data sources.

This powerful combination gives you the ability to automate routine business processes for higher efficiencies, discover business insights from the data faster, develop and execute data-driven plans.

Here are a few modules inside BasiqERP that help you with your business processes:

  • Financial management
  • Order management
  • Production management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Vendors management
  • Human resources management

BasiqERP combines the power of the cloud with your business information to generate better insights and business decisions. It’s a complete suite of business applications you need to manage your business with agility and efficiency.

We designed BasiqERP to be one of the most customizable and user-friendly cloud-based ERP solutions in the industry.

As BasiqERP takes a modular approach, you can customize the software the way your business operates in the real world. Modules are easy to activate, deactivate, and re-arrange.

BasiqERP comes with a comprehensive suite of business processes modules, although operational processes vary significantly from business to business.

We provide on-demand custom modules development. Apart from the core packages that come packed inside BasiqERP suite, you can demand your custom modules with requirement instructions.

Our custom modules team take care of any and every type of module request and helps you deploy it without any interruption in the running BasiqERP.

Training and Support

As with other mission-critical business apps, ERP Software Development brings a new set of training and learning challenges.

Our customer support reps provide both on-premise and remote training sessions to let your staff get up and running with BasiqERP.

As with other Abacus offering, industry-leading customer support is available 24×7.


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