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Website Development Plans for Any Technology Platform

Abacus Desk offers custom website development for a variety of technology platform such as LAMP, .NET or Java. If you are facing challenges that are too complex to handle for your engineers, we provide solutions that are easy to apply to your systems. We have a team of highly skilled and trained web development professionals and programmers with a thorough knowledge of the current business and technical skills needed for optimum web output.

Abacus Desk offers web development solutions for various end-to-end site development projects using Zend framework for PHP development. We use standard website development procedure and the latest tools for testing. Our web development solution ranges from creating simple websites to highly complex business applications.

We are known for our top quality and affordable web development and Software Development Services across the world with the latest and emerging web technology. We have successfully delivered web solutions to various types of businesses globally on a turnkey basis. Our expert web development professionals use web designing tools such as web 2.0 which gives our client the confidence and the power to represent their business ideas to their associates and customers confidently to attract more business and generate more revenue.

We strive to provide web development solutions that meet the exacting standards and operational requirement of clients. We also take into active consideration the critical aspects of search engine positioning and placements. Our technical focus always remains on providing a web-based solution through our innovative Web Development Designs that help customers meet the challenges of the emerging internet situation.

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CMS Services

Professional Technology Solutions for Your e-Business

We at Abacus Desk offer open source CMS services to help clients meet the challenges of the evolving markets in today’s online business scenario. We have the expertise to develop a wide range of CMS solutions using open source systems as well as in developing custom content management system for our clients spread across the globe.

We have a system in place to make sure that our clients get services that meet their requirements precisely. Our skilled web analysts make sure that they understand your CMS needs and then create a custom CMS that is specific to your business situation. Our highly experienced professional developers work out the best possible solution right from basic conceptualization to deployment. They strive to add more value to your website.

We have an enviable track record of CMS implementation projects across diverse online business situations. You can trust us implicitly to develop, deploy and maintain Website that is rich and unique in content. Give us the most complicated projects and we will ensure that they are accomplished successfully.

We serve clients with the best open source CMS solutions for intranets and extranets, corporate websites, social networking portals, blogs, forums and also for government managed and NGO websites. We have the latest technology and expertise to deliver quality interactive web applications. Our coding standards and testing are among the best in the industry. Our codes are well commented.

We are the preferred choice of major online companies globally when it comes to CMS solutions because our implementation processes are comprehensive. Our ready-to-use custom CMS solutions offer greater functionality at affordable prices. And we develop solutions that work perfectly well for your business.

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E-commerce Websites Solutions

Varied Business Situations

It is no more a B2B or a B2C scenario anymore E commerce-Websites. E-commerce has expanded in ways unimaginable and has gone beyond shopping portals and traditional online commerce activities. The rampant spread of social networking has changed consumer perception about companies and products in ways which were inconceivable just a few years back. Abacus Desk has its finger on the emerging e-commerce scenario and can help your business by providing advanced E-commerce Websites Solutions to meet your growing online business needs.

We have the experience of having worked with global majors in e-commerce business and have helped them streamline their business through effective e-commerce websites software product development services. We make sure that our solutions are customized to meet the supporting requirements of your online business.

Our range of services includes building and supporting e-commerce websites solutions such as online storefronts, shopping carts, and catalogs. We also provide web-based products for administrative purposes which involve inventory management, coupon codes and gift vouchers. We have successfully developed POS and payment process solutions for high volume outlets and for web portals for travel, ticketing and event management.

We have extensive and varied experience with Zen, Cart, and Magneto as also in custom shopping cart development. Our services cover areas such as online auction engines and optimization of websites for user content generation.

Abacus Desk helps customers with scalable platforms for digital content recovery and employ the next generation as servers to help deliver flawless performance under the most extenuating circumstances. Our e-commerce websites solutions find excellent application in online, mobile and social commerce and for web portals that offer specialized services. We also deliver top drawer customized e-commerce solution for interactive advertising mediums.

We have extensive experience in handling all payment gateways such as in both SIM and AIM and PayPal, Sage gateway and others.

If you have a growing business and have an inherent need to handle a large amount of traffic, connect with us today. We can make your e-commerce experience seamless and a lot easier than your current situation.


Responsive Web Design That Work Wonders for Your Business

Abacus Desk offers a professionally created and responsive web design that meets the exact demands and requirements of your business. We are known in the industry for our cutting edge technology in custom website designing and for our innovative designs and architecture.

Our professional website design experts create designs that are guaranteed to be top of the line and will help you generate the exposure and business. We have the talent, experience, and the skills to create a successful internet presence for you. Our USP is websites that interact with users and reflect the image and motto of your organization in clear terms. Our specialty lies in our ability to do extensive research in domain expertise and create websites that provide web branding mileage in the long term.

Our ability to successfully combine rich and meaningful content with innovative responsive web design is the reason why our customers are among the leaders in their respective fields. We are known for our brand building abilities and effective e-commerce solutions. We can bring your business online successfully and quickly with our innovative technologies and clutter-free designs.

Abacus Desk has the technical expertise to develop catchy custom web and multimedia sites regardless of your business sector. We have on board some of the best web designers in business who can create a website that gives you the instant competitive advantage when it comes to positioning your services and products. We follow the basic principles of easy navigation, rich content, easy-on-the-eye layout and design and fast to download websites that matches and surpassed your online business needs.

Template databases don’t influence the creativity of our design engineers. We can help you create a website from scratch and then add features in consultation with your marketing personnel to maximize the impact, utility, and returns.

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