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Email Marketing Campaigns

If you want your business to be on the fast track then email marketing campaign can be the ideal marketing tool. It is largely misunderstood that email campaigns are only for large business houses and not for small or startup ventures. However, such campaigns can benefit small businesses as effectively as they do for a large corporate. Abacus Desk email marketing campaigns are focused on the ‘Call to action’ through pioneering ideas and relevant content.

Email marketing campaign is perhaps the most cost effective way of marketing than other options such as telemarketing, print advertising, banner, ads and others. Another advantage is the quick response cycle. Direct mail advertising response can be seen only after six to eight weeks but with email campaign the response can be in as little as 48 hours. Also, the wide reach of an email marketing campaign makes it the best tool to use to reach a wider audience in the shortest possible time.

Abacus email campaigns are easily manageable and are strategist to open up a whole new client base.

If you are using an email marketing directory, you must be sure of your lead sources. Be sure to choose opt-in leads and ensure that references are in order before you send out emails. You must not irritate people with spam. It is equally important to personalize the advertisement for your targeted audience to get desired results. Professional email campaign managers can help you start your marketing campaign by taking care of the hurdles and chalking out an effective strategy for your type of business.

Abacus understands that it is important to be utterly honest with your content. They never try to mislead your audience into clicking on your mail with sensational titles. The body and the headlines are always in synchronize to keep the audience interested. The marketing terms are clearly slept out. The offers are very specific about the terms and conditions. They do not resort to misleading through the ‘fine print’ strategy.

Your email list is the most important element of your email campaign. It is necessary to have a permission based email list rather than using a purchased list for your campaign to be effective.

Abacus Desk email marketing campaigns are professional and completely focused on your long term objectives. They never resort to flashy and loud texts which can put off most people. Their content is guaranteed to be error free and to the point. It is designed to create an acute awareness of your products and services. When used effectively, the Abacus email marketing campaign can bring in a rapid increase in the number of inquiries and can maximize the awareness potential.

“With AWS a new server can be up and running in three minutes (it used to take Eli Lilly seven and a half weeks to deploy a server internally) and a 64-node Linux cluster can be online in five minutes (compared with three months internally)…The deployment time is really what impressed us.”

Dave Powers, Associate Information Consultant, Eli Lilly and Company.