The CRM Revolution

We are living in a fantastic time for businesses. Digital technologies have revolutionized the way business is done at the most fundamental level.

Now, brands are in touch with consumers 24×7 and consumers wants the same from brands. And a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps brands with that connection.

The CRM revolution gives rise to better business operations, agility in decision making and a deeper connection to your consumers.

The CRM alone has made the playing field even, where any brand, no matter what size and scale, can have an equally efficient sales and consumer-connection processes as those of established corporations.

BasiqCRM is our bottom-up take on how a CRM system made for the real businesses should be.

Here’s what you get with BasiqCRM:

  • Faster approval flows for partner registrations, quotes, sales orders, purchase orders and expenses
  • Keep track of every business KPI from a single dashboard with interactive BI dashboards
  • Make better business decisions with real-time business data
  • Increase your channel sales output shortening your average sales cycle
  • Have a crystal clear picture of your workforce with Google Maps powered real-time geolocation tracking
  • Assign your leads efficiently with cutting edge CRM features integration
  • Manage quotes and GST-ready invoicing with one of the most user-friendly modules in the industry
  • Oversee your entire procurement cycle with extensive vendor management module
  • Keep track of your inventory with a comprehensive inventory management module

“With AWS a new server can be up and running in three minutes (it used to take Eli Lilly seven and a half weeks to deploy a server internally) and a 64-node Linux cluster can be online in five minutes (compared with three months internally)…The deployment time is really what impressed us.”

Dave Powers, Associate Information Consultant, Eli Lilly and Company.