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Well, we are a technology company and what would be a better way of demonstrating our passions first hand other than going ahead and experimenting with technology ourselves. We have been experimenting with a lot of online product / service models and even have experimented with other products and technology. In this section of the website we will discuss those experiments.

This experimental initiative is to create a backup product which uses the delta encoding to do the incremental backup of your files and folder on the cloud. This product is being developed by using open source technologies such as Rsync and Amazon S3 cloud storage services.

One of our initiatives to do something for our city. We wish to collaborate with other businesses in Faridabad using the power of technology to make this an online forum to discuss what plagues this historical city and how we as responsible citizens can build synergies to make it a better place to live and work.

Well, a smart lawyer is intended to give users a platform to search the lawyers around them and in fact share the reviews of the services rendered by the lawyers. This would be a directory of law firms coupled with Google maps API to give you location of the lawyers and firms available around you.

Syntact is a group Contact syncing app which is currently in beta. This app provides the platform for people to share the groups with each other and auto syncs the contacts added in that group.

Ipublisher is a secure ebooks publishing platform for book publishing houses. It gives the traditional publishers a technology solution which is right out of the box and enables them to launch an e-business model.

We have dabbled in to textile business as well, again this is just a technology initiative to give the small traditional businesses doing textile manufacturing necessary exposure and tools required for global presence.

Other ideas in Pipe Line

A review portal for the E-commerce website (Ratings and review of various carts), A brand for Online video product reviews in Hindi and an app for coupons for local businesses.